Ameresco Asset Sustainability Group

Sustainability Approach to Manage Aging Infrastructure

Sustaining a portfolio well for the long term requires the right mix of adequate funding, executive support, technical staff and effective tools.

Portfolio owners and infrastructure managers routinely face challenges like declining budgets despite growing needs from aging infrastructure and changing functional demands.

Ameresco Asset Sustainability Group helps clients:

  • Quantify and establish life cycle data for capital plans
  • Establish best practices for Asset Management and Risk Management
  • Optimize Maintenance Management processes and outcomes
  • Establish Energy Management strategies and plans
  • Establish and prepare “Decision Frameworks” for critical investments
  • Allocate limited dollars based on risk
  • Evaluate capital creation strategies to increase funding
  • Communicate effectively with key stakeholders to win business case approval and support for aging infrastructure needs
Request a free demo by calling us at 1-866-857-3890 or contacting us online.

Request a free demo by calling us at
1-866-857-3890 or contacting us online.

branded-venn-diagramAssetPlanner Software: Capital Planning + Maintenance + Energy

Our AssetPlannerTM software suite is designed to enhance capital asset decision-making and risk management. Its unique approach integrates Strategic Capital Planning with Tactical Maintenance Management and Proactive Energy Tracking into one easy-to-use platform.

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