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Portfolio owners face a common set of capital asset management challenges: aging infrastructure, growing functional needs, shifting demographics and declining budgets.

Ameresco Asset Sustainability Group provides a comprehensive suite of services to meet those capital asset management challenges by developing a proactive, realistic plan that will sustain infrastructure assets for the long term. We deliver defensible data to support clear and simple business cases to help infrastructure and energy assets compete for limited dollars.

We start by helping clients to understand how much capital investment is needed for their infrastructure now and over the long term:

  • Illustrate the impacts of capital spending and funding gaps
  • Lower operating costs for energy assets and infrastructure to free up funding for critical projects
  • Find new sources of capital and ways to limit risk

How do we do this? Through a combination of powerful data that can be customized to an individual client’s needs and a team of infrastructure experts with deep experience in commercial, industrial, public school, municipal, health care and public housing infrastructure.

Ameresco AssetPlannerTM provides support for every aspect of infrastructure operations, planning and management:

Asset Inventory and Life Cycle Cost Projections: Pre-built models quickly develop a working estimate of components, projected costs and years until replacement.

Condition Assessments: Experienced, knowledgeable building auditors use our mobile iAuditor iPad application to ensure efficiency, completeness and accuracy.

Capital Forecasts and Funding Gap Analysis: Short and long term capital budgets and forecasts illustrate projected funding gaps and the associated risk using the Facility Condition Index (FCI) metric.

Demographic Projections: Demographic projections help clients such as schools and municipalities forecast future capital needs related to population growth and decline.

Once the future capital requirements are clear, we help identify strategies and solutions to address a wide range of challenges, such as funding gaps, growth needs and functional shifts, with a view toward leveraging operational, energy, maintenance and real estate savings to create capital.

Decision Development Framework: Identify what criteria to consider in your asset management process to effectively support strategic decisions as well as tactical budgeting.

Operational & Service Level Reviews: Operational experts with over 25 years of operational experience help improve efficiency, align with best practices and ensure organizational buy-in.

Capital Creation Strategies: Evaluate strategic opportunities that leverage savings such as energy efficiency, maintenance process improvements and real estate strategies to create capital to address needs without the need for more direct funding.

Project Prioritization: Identify the key variables that create meaningful prioritization of capital needs when there are limited dollars. Create a consistent and transparent ranking that can be shared and justified with stakeholders.

Business Case and Communication Plan Development: Create compelling business cases to justify solutions and create awareness with key stakeholders when competing for limited dollars.

Board Presentations and Stakeholder Facilitation: Get help from our team of experts with Board-level presentations that facilitate broader discussions to help move strategies forward.

The AssetPlannerTM software suite provides clients the tools to continue achieving their sustainability goals with a broad suite of mobile and web-based software modules to support:

  • Strategic Capital Planning and Budgeting
  • Tactical Maintenance and Work Order Management
  • Proactive Energy Management
  • Efficient on-site data collection with the iAuditoriPad application

And the newest member of the AssetPlanner family:

Executive Dashboard Mobile:This simple application puts executive level reports at your fingertips through any tablet, so you can call on it when you need it, in the office or in the field.


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